Frank Delaglio, Ph.D.

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Germantown MD 20876 USA

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Welcome to NMR Science, home page of Frank Delaglio

This site provides some highlights of the work and play of Frank Delaglio, a scientist who translates scientific concepts and research into practical software.

In the scientific community, Frank is best known for being the developer of NMRPipe, a software system for analysis of multidimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectral data. As of this year, NMRPipe has been cited more than 9,200 times in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Frank is currently a Principal Investigator at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, at the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR), a joint research enterprise operated in partnership with the University of Maryland. At the IBBR, Frank continues work to develop computational methods, software solutions, and scientific guidance to increase the effectiveness and applicability of NMR-based structural biology, drug discovery, and quality assurance of vaccines and biologic therapeutics.

Frank previously served as Marketing Product Manager of NMR Software in the Life Sciences Group of Agilent Technologies, and as a consultant for numerous pharmaceutical companies.

NMR provides atomic-resolution information about the high-order structure and interaction of proteins and other biomolecules in solution. This is valuable for several reasons. For one, most all functions of living cells are performed by proteins and nucleic acids interacting with other molecules, and many of these functions are common to all forms of cellular life. For another, many disease states are associated with the function or misfunction of proteins, and as such, most drugs work by interacting with a single protein or class of proteins. And increasingly, many drugs are themselves proteins. Many of Frank's software tools are used to help characterize the structure and dynamics of biomolecules, and to identify candidate molecules to serve as starting points of drug development for particular protein targets.

Fellow pipers visiting here can have a look at the NMRPipe Reference Page, a list of programs, functions, and scripts in NMRPipe. Also of interest, recordings of two SBGrid eSeminars (rough audio, good content):

In 2016, Frank's participation will include:

    ENC, April 10-15 2016
    IBBR NMR Symposium, May 19 2016
    Bax Symposium, June 13-14 2016
    NMRbox Summer Workshop June 20-24 2016
    ICMRBS, August 21-26 2016
    SMASH, September 11-14 2016

The first version of this site was posted on May 31, 2006. It was last updated on June 15, 2016.